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ISO 50001 and Panoptix


How do you see an organization using Panoptix while implementing ISO 50001? What parts of Panoptix could be leveraged the most to facilitate the implementation and make the sustainability team's life a little easier?

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    The short answer is: "All of the Panoptix applications can be used to facilitate the compliance and continuous improvement initiatives associated with ISO 50001".


    The current Panoptix applications include:

    • Continuous Diagnostics Advisor (CDA) ... this provides a number of sophisticated fault detection diagnostics which can be used to identify abnormally operating devices, which often times are associated with lost energy savings.
    • Energy Performance Monitor (EPM) ... for users initiating whole building retrofits; this allows baselining iniital energy usage and comparson of changes in usage to the baseline.
    • Carbon and Energy Reporter (CER) ... this allows users to manage comprehensive data including energy cost and consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental metrics, energy projects, and facility equipment.
    • Custom Analyzer (CA) ... this provides on demand graphical displays of time series (trend) data, which allows users to investigate and report equipment performance from multiple data sources, including building systems, and correlate with weather, utility bill, and equipment data.


    More information on the Panoptix applications can be found by 'Searching' this site using the bolded titles above.