• What does a single experience mean for operations?

    Responsive design has been a hot topic for a while now, and it’s no wonder: Having apps and websites that adjust to fit your browser—whether you are on a phone, tablet or computer—is critical for a g...
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  • Hostile Takeover

    Hello all, I have a small issue.. A user in one of my systems has obtained the MetasysSysAgent Password and changed it . I believe they are causing issues in the system and then covering themselves. Does anyone know ...
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  • I have an NAE 35 ver cannot upload to SCT.

    I have an NAE 35 ver cannot upload to SCT. Gives an error on a graphics file (902). Tried to delete graphic it then errors on the next graphic(902) anyone know how to resolve this issue without deleting all...
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  • York Chiller: Materials and Parts

    Hello, may I ask before a site can query YORK chiller control materials and photos site into what is now the site? Thank you
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  • NCE 2560 PROBLEM

    I have problem with NCE2560 it is going offline every 5 seconds and I'm trying to update by update tool but NAE update tool fail to starting update and goes inactive.   I need help rapidly.
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  • Member Spotlight: Robert Mondelli

    Our newest Member Spotlight has been a member of the community since July 5, 2012 and is an Automation Specialist - Team Lead that loves spending time with his family. I'd like to introduce you to: Robert Mondelli. He...
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  • Metasys 3.2 Upgrading to 6.1requirements

    Hi,   Please tell me is it possible to upgrade metasys 3.2 to 6.1 in ADS running in Windows XP-2003- SP-3 (32bit) system. I have 5 NAE's (NAE5510-1), what are the important points to be remembered for the upgrad...
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  • trend history lost

    I have a costumer witch has an ADX with validated environments. the issue is he lost all the trend data witch are recorded before 1st of January 2015. any idea how to retrieve it?@
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  • Camera Integration

    Has anyone ever integrated cameras into an FX Supervisory controller?
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  • Error Accessing Metasys

    I have a Windows 7 machine with the latest version of Java. I keep getting this error. I hope it's something simple.   Thanks, Eric
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  • Metasys update Patches download

    Hello,   is their any link that allow us to download the patches update fro the Metasys System. (like 5.0 update to 5.2, or 6.0 update to 6.5 ..)   Thank you
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  • How are the svg graphics converted to the new ggt format?

    Wondering how the older svg graphics will work with the new ggt format.
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  • Iconics OPC Alarm

    Hi i need help on the NAE online/offline in the Iconics Alarm. Do anyone know which point should i get to do this online/offline point for NAE. I have found a point name (SystemStatus) in the OPC Server whenever NAE ...
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  • JRE 1.60 update 23

    Why Metasys 5.2 keeps asking installing JRE 1.60 update 23 even it is installed ?
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  • JCI point name standards

    How did JCI develop the default point names in CCT and HVAC Pro? Was a national or international standard referenced?
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  • Introduce Yourself

    Introduce yourself to the community by telling everyone a little about yourself in this discussion thread. Please say hello, tell us a little bit about what you're currently working on right now and don't forget to in...
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  • Panoptix for contractors

    Why not license Panoptix to local contractors so they can host (in JCI's cloud) their smaller customers' sites to help highlight problem areas of the buildings? This could provide tangible evidence of equipment issues...
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  • NCE IP troubles

    Hello all I am trying to change the IP address in an 5.2 version NCE when I go to the communications tab it is completely blank.  However if I do a data dump I can see the IP currently installed and I am able to ...
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  • Top Contributors - February 2015

    As many of us finally begin to thaw and look forward to consistent warmer weather (and no snow!), let's recognize the community members that participated and contributed the most in February.   Congratulations a...
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  • NAE & NCE intermittent problem

    Hi All,   i am using one NAE-35 & NCE-25 both with the version of 6.5.2. but from few days this two are going OFFLINE and coming back ONLINE for a while, Which a period of around 10-15sec, Sometimes it may t...
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