• Im Tommy James Nuneza a  Junior HVAC Design Engineer

    Good day to all SENIOR HVAC DESIGN ENGINEER,   As of now im working as a Junior HVAC Design Engineer here in Saudi Arabia,sad to say that my mentor didn't want to share his knowledge with me,so im making a way...
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  • Poll:  Most Innovative & Useful Integrations to Metasys

    Please share what has been the most useful and innovative integration to Metasys that  you have been involved with.  We all know it is a great HVAC control system, but it can do so much more.  Please sh...
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  • Convergence between Building and Industrial Automation applications

    Here's an interesting article on a particular industrial automation system that is generically called a SCADA system.  It's kind of like a BAS but it has applications specifically for industrial processes.  ...
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  • Trane BCU - Bacnet Integration - Cimetrics BR2A?

    I want to bid a project that includes the installation of the Facility Explorer front end but will also have to include the integration of five existing Trane BCU Arcnet panels. Is it possible use a gateway, such as a...
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  • Mapping Modbus for SOLA control

    Mapping Modbus points for a Honeywell SOLA control on a Camus Boiler.   I can do this manually, but has anyone done this and willing to share.   There seem to be a lot of points with extensive enumeration...
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  • KNX Integrations

    Hello -   Has anyone ever tried to integrate KNX devices with Metasys ? If yes what was your strategy ? How did you do it ?   Thanks Chinna chinna.jeyasingh@jci.com
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  • What items would you like to see in the community store?

    We’re currently working on plans to introduce a community store where you can redeem all the points you're racking up! We just started looking into items for the store, but would like your input on what you thin...
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  • Webinar: What happens when good energy data goes bad?

    Struggling to capture your utility bill data? Not sure how to put it in a usable format for benchmarking your buildings and driving increased efficiency? Unsure of how you can easily collect and use this data to your ...
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  • Facility Explorer Question

    Hi,        New to using Johnson products.  What is the FX Service, what functions depend on it in the Niagara workbench?   Thanks,
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  • Authentication & Authorization

    The Panoptix® API uses the OAuth v2 protocol for authentication and authorization. It is a standard used by many API providers, including the Google®, Facebook® and Netflix® platforms. Applications acc...
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  • Next Mission: Connect. Collaborate. Share.

    This is a first in a series of posts called "Next Mission" to feature many of the missions available in the community. Missions are intended to help you and other members learn more about using the community and a way...
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  • Working on a DX9100.  I'm looking for some examples out there of a good economizer control parameter.

    Brian Slota recently posted a this question as his status update: Hi Folks! Working on a DX9100.  I'm looking for some examples out there of a good economizer...   Hi Folks! Working on a DX9100.  I'...
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  • In considering and using Panoptix, what is your favorite feature or benefit?

    I have spoken to a number of customers regarding Panoptix. I have had mixed reviews, so I am curious what you have heard as the most favorite feature or benefit for those considering it? Or, as a user of Panoptix appl...
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  • Metasys API?

    Is there a Metasys API or would I be able to control Metasys functionality via Panoptix API?
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  • Meet the Community Team

    Hello from the Connected Community team! If you’ve been a member of the community for a while, you’ve probably come across our names in your activity stream. But, just in case not, we thought it was time t...
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  • Introducing Energy Performance Monitor’s project detail view

    Energy projects are complex, and often measured using a wide range of metrics such as ROI, energy saved, etc. Sometimes an energy project impacts just one building and sometimes the scope is broader, covering a group ...
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  • SEO: Is it a trick or a treat?

    Open for Voting
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    Internet search engines and content marketing have come a long way from their humble beginnings. In the early days, companies didn't have a good way of preventing spammers and scammers from finagling your search resul...
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  • Rio+20 – The Private-Sector Takes the Lead in Commitments and Partnerships

    On the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, representatives of over 190 countries have assembled in Rio de Janiero to reach consensus on a global roadmap for sustainable development.  A big change over the p...
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  • Top Contributors - March 2014

    March... I had a love/hate relationship with it. It was by far way too wintery, but it ended up on a good note with the return of baseball. In addition, it was also our first full month of levels, missions and badges ...
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  • Blueprint for a Building Efficiency Platform – The New Technology Stack

    The landscape of building efficiency is changing. Facility and building managers have access to advanced systems and technology, making Information Technology (IT) team members a bigger part of the picture. Even the m...
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