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    This is originally from Abe Monreal.   The option to see what other members are also logged into the community to connect.
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  • Green Building BMS

    I am working on a design for a relatively small building - three floors and the client would like to integrate HVAC, lighting control security, and plumbing, in addition to the entire electrical system (solar, wind tu...
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  • Can PC Tool connect to a Metasys Controller.  How?

         Can PC Tool connect to a Metasys Controller? How?
    created by tracyw
  • Where do I go if I have questions?

    There are a couple options on where to go if you have questions:   For how to community related questions, you’re welcome to post them here or as a comment below or in Community Help. However, should your ...
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  • Let's talk about building data and analytics

    Have you seen the recent video series on building data and analytics? We asked a variety of Johnson Controls employees how they see building data and analytics impacting our customers – and the products we creat...
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  • Metasys Nightly Crash

    Hi all. We have Metasys 5.2 installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box with SQL Server 2008 R2. Starting recently, we've been seeing what looks to be a nightly application crash with Metasys. Here's the sequence of eve...
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  • Boilers Logic Destabilization

    Hello!  This is my first time posting with the JCI community! What a great resource.   Question: I have tandem condensing boilers (Patterson-Kelly) that modulate from 1% call to 100% call for heat. (they ro...
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  • February 2015 Community Maintenance Summary

    Our February 2015 site maintenance is officially complete! Here’s a summary of some what’s changed:   Minor Upgrade: We’ve completed a minor upgrade to the community, so you may see some new fe...
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  • Connected Community Levels, Missions and Points

    We’re excited to introduce levels, missions and points to the community! Now you’ll earn points and badges for your contributions to the community!   Everyone is starting at the Ground Floor, level o...
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  • Member Spotlight: Eric Beach

    Our February Member Spotlight is Eric Beach. He's a Technical Consultant at Environmental Systems Corporation and our most recent top contributor, so you've likely seen his name pop up often in your Activity stream or...
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  • Can you speed up or reset PID loops on vma-1620 ?

    I have a bunch of vma-1620's that the pid loops are so slow that the room temps may be as much as 6 degrees over setpoint and the controller will still be in heat mode with 40 to 60 percent heating valve open .
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  • Frick RWB II 100 S Ammonia compressor: can it be driven by natural gas?

    I have a Frick RWB II 100 S Ammonia compressor and I wanted to know if it could be driven by natural gas, and if there is a package that I could purchase to do that.
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  • just started to read the Gray Manual are there any other books or paper to read to get a better understanding for controls.

    Just started to read the Gray Manual. Are there any other books or paper to read to get a better understanding for controls?
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  • P2000 - Journal Entries

    We are wanting a program that will disable badges that have not been used in a number of days and write in the journal a journal entry explaining why the badge was disabled.   does anyone know of a program that ...
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  • Can NAE connect with 2 servers and send data to both servers

    Now currently a site have NAE connected with other 3party server. I plan to install new server and pull the same data that sending to that current server.     Without disturbing the current server can I pul...
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  • Using Your My Places

    Welcome to your company My Places! We have a few tips to help you get started and gain the maximum value from it and your apps.   We first recommend that you review the guide on how to contact support.   Op...
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  • App Support and your My Places Updates - Learn more and share your feedback, questions and ideas

    Here’s a summary of the update we’ve made to App Support and your My Places…   My Places We’ll start with what was used first in the community, My Places. My Places were introduced three...
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  • Contact Support

    Use this as a guide to contact support for your account and application related questions.   Account For account specific questions or application questions related unique to your configuration, such as points, s...
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  • JCI Metasys N2 Specifications

    Hello there,   I am new to this communicaity. Please forgive if I am posting this question under incorrect subhead. I am planning to develope a product which will support N2 bus. Wish to know from where I can g...
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  • Metasys future state

    Does anyone know the answer to any of the following questions? I wanted to ask these before but haven't gotten around to it.   Will future releases Metasys will have an ISA 18.2 compliant alarm management compon...
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