• Metsys 7 UI and SMP user view

    We have recently upgraded Metasys from version 4 to version 7.  We have also changed to an ADX virtual server.  Is it possible to still have the standard Metasys SMP User View for PC workstations and then th...
    created by titonium
  • Has the default username or password changed for FX30E stations

    I have a new FX30E that I can't log into the station on. The platform username and password work fine and when the station is starting, it indicates that it has the factory default credentials but I can't log into the...
    created by peterdraper
  • IM Services

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    Hello,   I am not sure how much feasible it is to have an online chatting service here as part of the community. Registered members could use this as an instant messaging service to get their query resolved quic...
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  • Members Online

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    This is originally from Abe Monreal.   The option to see what other members are also logged into the community to connect.
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  • FC BUS OFFLINE - 3rd Party Controllers

    Dear Friends,   When a FC BUS goes offline several times, what is the correct approach for troubleshooting & restoring the bus.   I do understand that faults, baud rates, noise, wiring, or even third p...
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  • Having issues with pct 10.1 in custom application, palette disappears the very second you go to use. Trying to write a simple exhaust fan control using space humidity for the trigger.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  • Introduction

    Hello, my name is Dominic.  I'm a programmer who has been in the field of HVAC controls for a little more than 12 years.  As this field continues to change and grow, it has become very evident that we have t...
    created by dtturner
  • The update is cancelled since all communication failed. - tried Host Name (NAE00108D04B558) but received this error: No such host is known.  (Is the Host Name spelled correctly?)"

    The update is cancelled since all communication failed. - tried Host Name (NAE00108D04B558) but received this error: No such host is known.  (Is the Host Name spelled correctly?)" Is it possible to downgrade fro...
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  • Hi,I got good Knowledge in Commercial refrigeration and Transport refrigeration.I would like to attend a crash course in Industrial refrigeration.Pls suggest a suitable course.

    Hi,Kindly advice a crash course in Industrial refrigeration.
  • PCT Problem Starting

    My PCT was running on XP, then windows did an update, now it will not start, when I click on the desktop icon it looks like its going to start then in just rolls back to just the icon and there is no error codes. Any ...
    last modified by jefftik
  • Getting Alert message when commissioning FEC 2610 Controller

    I am trying to load my program in CCT to my field controller and an Alert message shows up stating Diagram could not be loaded. INVALID_VERSION - caf version date = 2015..., controller version date = 2011...   H...
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  • Introduce Yourself

    Introduce yourself to the community by telling everyone a little about yourself in this discussion thread. Please say hello, tell us a little bit about what you're currently working on right now and don't forget to in...
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  • Why wont NAE upgrade tool run after installing NAE 55 image files?

    I have uninstalled and re installed Upgrade tool, but ever since I installed the image files, it wont wont run.
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  • Who can import the NAE*.xml files to a NAE point schedule.xls?

    Hello, I have a customer who wants to create a spread sheet from their existing database of an ADS and 8 NAE's. I know that the NAE*.xml files exported from SCT can be imported to the NAE Point Schedule.xls. Where ca...
    created by baileth
  • Graphics Generation Tool question concerning Room Control Modules.

    I`m trying to generate a Room Control Module (multiple rooms) in the GGT tool so that when I click on a room status all relevant setpoints for that room show in the Control Module. I`ve linked the temperature to the r...
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  • Help Negative sup temps intermitant (-425.9F), (-312.3F),

    Dear Sir/Madam; After a project was completed some month ago I have noticed after the download I received the following unreliable alarms.   Sup and Ret Temps in (-425.9F, (-312.3F).     My concern ...
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  • DVN 5000 password Lost

    hello , i forgot my admin password of our dvn 5000 i read on the manual the procedure to reset but i cant login to the ftp site because the user and pass of the ftp written on manual are not good. Someone can help m...
    created by stecov
  • Metasys 6.5 patch install

    Trying to install patch for Metasys 6.5 security vunerability getting   -2147467259 [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
    created by kraziee
  • Honeywell 20K - NTC Scaler

    Converts Honeywell 20K C7041 series temperature sensors for use in PCT. Input should be set as "resistive" . Min Value -50 ohms, Max Value 600,000 ohms, Input Range Low 0 ohms, Input Range High 600,000, Output Range L...
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  • 6.5 SCT Passwords

    Dear Friends,     After installing the 6.5 SCT software; is there a defualt password for basic & standard access?   This is a new installation on a standalone laptop.     Thanks,  ...
    created by jgutierrez