• Difference bet ADS and ADX?

    Dear Sir/Madam, Does anyone know the specific difference between ADS and ADX?   Thank you, Lisa
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  • Did you have a brief description for 5.2.18 patch?

    Did you have a brief description for Metasys 5.2.18 patch?
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  • JAVA

    Tried logging into multiple sights this morning and get these error on all or then whether at WB 5 or 6. Yesterday was fine>   java.security.cert.CertificateException: java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorExce...
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  • JCI-Metasys Installations Bulletin

    FYI, This is for those that dont already know. This will be sent out to all that deal with a specific customer. It is also noteworthy for all other installations.
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  • NIE 8500 crashing due to communication loss

    Hello all,   I am a consulting engineer who's been asked to help troubleshoot a Metasys issue. My knowledge of the system architecture overall is limited, if there are specifics I need to know to answer this, pl...
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  • Ability to sort the PCT program Inputs / Outputs

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    Right now you can sort by alphabetical input / output name by clicking on the bar above the inputs or outputs and it will toggle between A-Z or Z-A. I would find it helpful if you were able to sort by I/O point name t...
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  • Export to Excel - Trend Viewer

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    It would be user friendly if the trend viewer would have an export button to excel. The copy paste is fine, but having the data in excel would be great. Also, the trend viewer displays chart views and having the chart...
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  • CCT Custom Applications

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    A place to discuss custom programing in CCT and make your controller do more for you.
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  • Enable / Disable "Out of Service" for users; Metasys 7

    Just upgraded to Metasys 7, and I understand we can decide whether users can issue Out of Service commands. How do I change that setting for individual users (I have administrative rights)?
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  • What point of sales tools work best for your distribution location? How can we better help you promote and sell JCI products?

    How do you make your customers aware of new products? What works best for you in communicating features and benefits of specific products? What can JCI do to help your team sell and learn JCI products?
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  • DVN 5000 Forgot Password

    Hello partners,   Actually I have a DVN 5000, and its running, but the DVN have the camera configuration of the latest user, now I want to apply my new parameters but it have some user accounts, and I don't have...
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  • NAE Offline

    Hello guys! One of our 5 NAEs is offline and showing a red 'x' on the Metasys. We also have another NAE that is with Unreliable status and showing a red "!?" on the Metasys. The Firewall is off. Any idea about wha...
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  • 2015 Community Migration: Project Update and Now vs. Tomorrow Edition Two

    Here's your second edition of 2015 Community Migration update. If you missed the first edition, you can find it here.   Project Update Now vs. Tomorrow Bookmarks Categories and Tags   Pr...
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  • 2015 Community Migration: Project Update and Now vs. Tomorrow Edition One

    As most of you know, we’re working on the 2015 Community Migration: moving this community to a new platform and you’ve probably been wondering where we’ve been since the last update. Well, we’v...
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  • What is factory test mode addr=03 or FF

    Hi All,   When i am downloading a FEC 2621, it shows a message in FEC 2621 Display as "FACTORY TEST MODE ADDR = 03 OR FF". What is this mean? and Why it occurs? Can any one brief me plzzz...   Thanks 
    created by phanikumar
  • Does anyone know the difference between Modbus Async and Modbus Slave?

    From what I read about Modus, Slave is older protocol and Async is newer protocol, but how do you know which one you have when connecting to a device?
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  • Metasys control

    I Have NCE metasys System. We lost the power in the building than all my VAV boxes Reheat valve opening100 percent. I checked JCI  metasys control it showing operator override to water flush. I tried to release t...
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  • NCE-25 & Brownouts

    Dear Friends,   I have an NCE - 25 that has been experiencing bus failure every few weeks. After reviewing the events log, I have discovered alarm reporting battery/power & load powered from battery.  ...
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  • NCE Redundancy ?

    Dear Friends,   I have data center where I would like to have redundancy for the NCE-25 controller.   I would like to support this controller when the bus fails or the controller as well.   What are ...
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