• CCT Custom Applications

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    A place to discuss custom programing in CCT and make your controller do more for you.
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  • Export to Excel - Trend Viewer

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    It would be user friendly if the trend viewer would have an export button to excel. The copy paste is fine, but having the data in excel would be great. Also, the trend viewer displays chart views and having the chart...
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  • Members Online

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    This is originally from Abe Monreal.   The option to see what other members are also logged into the community to connect.
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  • Upgrade NAE4.1 to 7.0

    Hi,   Is it possible to upgrade supervisory controller NAE 4.1 to 7.0   Thanks
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  • Temperature Sensor with Display

    Hi,   Is there any JCI temperature sensor with Display. If yes, Please provide the part number.   Thanks.
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  • Upgrade NCE 5.1 to 7.0

    Is it possible to upgrade the NCE5.1 supervisory controller to 7.0   Regards,   Sumit Ghosh
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  • NIE Intergration Questions

    Dear Sir/Madam, Sorry I have been offline for a little bit.   Q1-I was wondering if any had any issues with the NIE going offline and then online a few hrs later?  I know it can be many reasons.  But...
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  • NCE 2560 PROBLEM

    I have problem with NCE2560 it is going offline every 5 seconds and I'm trying to update by update tool but NAE update tool fail to starting update and goes inactive.   I need help rapidly.
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  • Nae55 administrator password

    hello, I have a problem with a NAE 55 where it does not work the account administrator by calling the device with Internet Explorer.Gli user account work . If I reach the device with the remote desktop administrator c...
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  • supply pressure control

    I'm using PID module in CCT to control supply pressure of AHU with set point ... .. supply pressure meets the set point but it takes a lot of time (30 minutes or more ). how can i adjust PID parameters to achiev...
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  • BACnet Encoding Type - JCI Metasys Controllers

    Dear Friends,   My undertsanding is; Johnson Controls NAE and NCE controllers have a default BacNet setting, ISO 10646. Is the correct setting for Johnson NAE/NCE supervisory controllers ANSI X3.4?   The ...
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    Gracias por la comunicación.   Necesito el soft ware para este panel de incendio . Tenemos clients con este panel.   Por favor Indicar donde se lo puede adquirir.   Gracias.
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  • Frick model # HCU 85A Evaporative Condenser

    Hi, I am looking for one of the squirrel cage fans for this unit.  Not the complete fan with the shroud but just the fan itself.  We had a problem with ice this past winter and it tore the blades off one of ...
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  • 6.5 SCT Stand Alone Installation

    Friends,   I have just installed SCT 6.5 on a stand alone lap top, but I just want to be clear on the archive database. I will need to upload the archive database, but the SCT Software doc says the archive data...
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  • JCI Metasys N2 Specifications

    Hello there,   I am new to this communicaity. Please forgive if I am posting this question under incorrect subhead. I am planning to develope a product which will support N2 bus. Wish to know from where I can g...
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  • Metasys Programming - Export & Printed

    Dear Friends,   Does Metasys have a tool so programming can be exported or printed for viewing in plain text?   If not, having a special feature using software tools to export programming into a report for...
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  • How does an electrician get started with Johnson Controls? Is there an entry level/hierarchy?

    It's the old chicken and egg question - how does one get started without specific experience but with a real earned qualification, none the less?
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  • NAE event viewer unable to open

    Hi ,   I have a MS-NAE5520-1 with version 3.0, which is connected to a site director(ADS) with same version. There are total five NAE's in the site all are reporting to the same site director. But I am experienc...
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  • Expansion Joint Replacement

    Building expansion exists in all types of buildings and locations. Expansion joints are everywhere and tend to go unnoticed until they become an issue. For more details on Air Expansion Joint Replacement visit -http:...
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  • Setting a new level sensor on a yciv 400 ton chiller?

    how do you set a new level sensor with 4 buttons on a yciv 400 ton chiller replacing one with single yellow button?
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