• HVAC Training and Resource Recommendations

    Good day,   I'm a Mechanical Engineer and working as a Junior HVAC Design Engineer in Engineering Consultant here in Saudi Arabia,sad to say that my senior as of now didn't help me instead he is pushing me back....
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  • regulations in building maintenance question

    Hi, folks,     I was wondering if this is something that you guys could give me an answer.   In Korea, there are many regulations in building maintenance that for example, an licensed electrician shou...
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  • Energy Reduction Strategies

    What, in your experience, are the most effective energy reduction strategies?  Why and what makes them so effective?
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  • Separate Buildings one ADS

    Hello All, I have 5 separate buildings with one management company. The owner was wondering if all of the buildings could be brought together to form one site even though they reside on (a)different ISP providers (b)...
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  • Introduce Yourself

    Introduce yourself to the community by telling everyone a little about yourself in this discussion thread. Please say hello, tell us a little bit about what you're currently working on right now and don't forget to in...
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  • Im Tommy James Nuneza a  Junior HVAC Design Engineer

    Good day to all SENIOR HVAC DESIGN ENGINEER,   As of now im working as a Junior HVAC Design Engineer here in Saudi Arabia,sad to say that my mentor didn't want to share his knowledge with me,so im making a way...
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  • Poll:  Most Innovative & Useful Integrations to Metasys

    Please share what has been the most useful and innovative integration to Metasys that  you have been involved with.  We all know it is a great HVAC control system, but it can do so much more.  Please sh...
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  • Convergence between Building and Industrial Automation applications

    Here's an interesting article on a particular industrial automation system that is generically called a SCADA system.  It's kind of like a BAS but it has applications specifically for industrial processes.  ...
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  • Trane BCU - Bacnet Integration - Cimetrics BR2A?

    I want to bid a project that includes the installation of the Facility Explorer front end but will also have to include the integration of five existing Trane BCU Arcnet panels. Is it possible use a gateway, such as a...
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  • Mapping Modbus for SOLA control

    Mapping Modbus points for a Honeywell SOLA control on a Camus Boiler.   I can do this manually, but has anyone done this and willing to share.   There seem to be a lot of points with extensive enumeration...
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  • KNX Integrations

    Hello -   Has anyone ever tried to integrate KNX devices with Metasys ? If yes what was your strategy ? How did you do it ?   Thanks Chinna chinna.jeyasingh@jci.com
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  • Facility Explorer Question

    Hi,        New to using Johnson products.  What is the FX Service, what functions depend on it in the Niagara workbench?   Thanks,
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  • Working on a DX9100.  I'm looking for some examples out there of a good economizer control parameter.

    Brian Slota recently posted a this question as his status update: Hi Folks! Working on a DX9100.  I'm looking for some examples out there of a good economizer...   Hi Folks! Working on a DX9100.  I'...
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  • Metasys API?

    Is there a Metasys API or would I be able to control Metasys functionality via Panoptix API?
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  • NIE Upgrade Question

    Dear Sir/Madam, When you upgrade you existing PMI 12:04 system to be mirrored to the MSEA 5.02, what shall be mirrored?  Just user-view?  We have not graphics on this system.   Thank you, Lisa
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  • PMI Metasys 12.04 & NIE Upgrade

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question concerning points that are not in user-view on the existing PMI Metasys.  These point are located and visible via Model file and HVACpro etc.  There are so many not brought...
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  • Price and availability for 5 each Enviromental Temp Control P/N A36AHA-50

    Please advise price and availability for 5 each Enviromental Temp Control P/N A36AHA-50
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  • NCE Display Sorting Order

    All, I have noticed that the sorting feature used to sort how I/O is presented on the NCE display seems to not work even though it has been defined properly. The sort feature does work on all other FEC family device...
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  • SysGraphicsFile sizes

    When creating graphics the AdminHomePage.px fills the users screen. When the user navigates to air handlers and hot water/ chill water systems from the sysGraphicsFile display pages are maybe a third the size of the s...
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  • FX Workbench Graphics Aliasing For Multiple VAV-Boxes

    Can you do a Graphics Object Aliasing for a Multiple VAV-Boxes with the same objects without creating a single graphics for each of them (FX workbench 5.1)?
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