• Replacing MS-NCE2560-OU

    My Metasys system consists of about 20 MS-NEC2560-OU  and a couple MS-NAE4510-O all connected by LAN to my ADS I am running Metasys version 4.1.     My question is I need to replace one of my MS-NCE25...
    created by Pjastro
  • Downgrade NAE5511-2

    Hi, I need to downgrade a new NAE5511-2 from v6.1 to v5.2 (my entire Metasys system is 5.2) but there is something wrong in the downgrade process: everything stops in this step (check image attached), the NAE cycles ...
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  • I have an NAE 35 ver cannot upload to SCT.

    I have an NAE 35 ver cannot upload to SCT. Gives an error on a graphics file (902). Tried to delete graphic it then errors on the next graphic(902) anyone know how to resolve this issue without deleting all...
    created by Tech179
  • NAE/NIE Update Tool

    Whenever i use my Window XP computer to update a NAE or NCE when it finished it always show error below the details but it never show completed. But the NAE still can use it normally. the patch file i'm using this (NA...
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  • Iconics OPC Alarm

    Hi i need help on the NAE online/offline in the Iconics Alarm. Do anyone know which point should i get to do this online/offline point for NAE. I have found a point name (SystemStatus) in the OPC Server whenever NAE ...
    created by Kaden
  • Show only active Alarm?

    Is there a way to create a summary definition or saved query to show only the active alarms? I want to have a report that is generated each morning when the building operator comes in for work.   Thanks,   ...
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  • Hostile Takeover

    Hello all, I have a small issue.. A user in one of my systems has obtained the MetasysSysAgent Password and changed it . I believe they are causing issues in the system and then covering themselves. Does anyone know ...
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  • NCE 2560 PROBLEM

    I have problem with NCE2560 it is going offline every 5 seconds and I'm trying to update by update tool but NAE update tool fail to starting update and goes inactive.   I need help rapidly.
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  • Inherited a Building with a NAE35 please HELP

         The company I work for just inherited a building with an NAE35 as the front end needless to say none of the maintanence crew have any idea how to get into to it. The IT department gave me what...
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  • Trend Creation Date

    Dear Friends,   Where would I find the actual creation date for any point trended?   Thanks,   John Gutierrez
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  • Green Building BMS

    I am working on a design for a relatively small building - three floors and the client would like to integrate HVAC, lighting control security, and plumbing, in addition to the entire electrical system (solar, wind tu...
    created by raluca_c
  • Can PC Tool connect to a Metasys Controller.  How?

         Can PC Tool connect to a Metasys Controller? How?
    created by tracyw
  • Metasys Nightly Crash

    Hi all. We have Metasys 5.2 installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box with SQL Server 2008 R2. Starting recently, we've been seeing what looks to be a nightly application crash with Metasys. Here's the sequence of eve...
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  • Boilers Logic Destabilization

    Hello!  This is my first time posting with the JCI community! What a great resource.   Question: I have tandem condensing boilers (Patterson-Kelly) that modulate from 1% call to 100% call for heat. (they ro...
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  • Metasys Graphic

    Hi gentlemans,   Is there any graphic application can be integrated to metasys except microsoft visio and M-graphic?   The concern is that 3D graph would be great and the size of the graphic cannot be too ...
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  • Can you speed up or reset PID loops on vma-1620 ?

    I have a bunch of vma-1620's that the pid loops are so slow that the room temps may be as much as 6 degrees over setpoint and the controller will still be in heat mode with 40 to 60 percent heating valve open .
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  • Frick RWB II 100 S Ammonia compressor: can it be driven by natural gas?

    I have a Frick RWB II 100 S Ammonia compressor and I wanted to know if it could be driven by natural gas, and if there is a package that I could purchase to do that.
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  • just started to read the Gray Manual are there any other books or paper to read to get a better understanding for controls.

    Just started to read the Gray Manual. Are there any other books or paper to read to get a better understanding for controls?
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  • P2000 - Journal Entries

    We are wanting a program that will disable badges that have not been used in a number of days and write in the journal a journal entry explaining why the badge was disabled.   does anyone know of a program that ...
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  • Can NAE connect with 2 servers and send data to both servers

    Now currently a site have NAE connected with other 3party server. I plan to install new server and pull the same data that sending to that current server.     Without disturbing the current server can I pul...
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