• Who can import the NAE*.xml files to a NAE point schedule.xls?

    Hello, I have a customer who wants to create a spread sheet from their existing database of an ADS and 8 NAE's. I know that the NAE*.xml files exported from SCT can be imported to the NAE Point Schedule.xls. Where ca...
    created by baileth
  • Graphics Generation Tool question concerning Room Control Modules.

    I`m trying to generate a Room Control Module (multiple rooms) in the GGT tool so that when I click on a room status all relevant setpoints for that room show in the Control Module. I`ve linked the temperature to the r...
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  • Help Negative sup temps intermitant (-425.9F), (-312.3F),

    Dear Sir/Madam; After a project was completed some month ago I have noticed after the download I received the following unreliable alarms.   Sup and Ret Temps in (-425.9F, (-312.3F).     My concern ...
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  • DVN 5000 password Lost

    hello , i forgot my admin password of our dvn 5000 i read on the manual the procedure to reset but i cant login to the ftp site because the user and pass of the ftp written on manual are not good. Someone can help m...
    created by stecov
  • DVN 5000 Forgot Password

    Hello partners,   Actually I have a DVN 5000, and its running, but the DVN have the camera configuration of the latest user, now I want to apply my new parameters but it have some user accounts, and I don't have...
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  • Metasys 6.5 patch install

    Trying to install patch for Metasys 6.5 security vunerability getting   -2147467259 [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
    created by kraziee
  • 6.5 SCT Passwords

    Dear Friends,     After installing the 6.5 SCT software; is there a defualt password for basic & standard access?   This is a new installation on a standalone laptop.     Thanks,  ...
    created by jgutierrez
  • 6.5 SCT Error - Installation

    Dear Friends,   Does anybody understand what this error means?   C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MetasysIII\Tool\Web.config.temp   4-16-2015 14:59:11:1829704 ERROR - there was a problem updating the File C:\in...
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  • Control Metasys Alarming - Selected Sites

    Friends,   I have just created a new user profile and added only the device objects needed for this user. The user does not have the entire campus, but continues to get all the alarms   How do I eliminate...
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  • VAV Selection tool

    I found a VAV selection tool I thought would help me design a project only to find out it required a user name and password. How many times and places do I need a user name and password to get links open in here? Fr...
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  • trend history lost

    I have a costumer witch has an ADX with validated environments. the issue is he lost all the trend data witch are recorded before 1st of January 2015. any idea how to retrieve it?@
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  • Metasys M5 system

    Hi everyone, I'm maintaining Metasys M5 system. I having a problem with my NC (NCM350) after replacing the backup battery, it's seem no communication between NC and Direct Digital Controller (DDC). I do understand th...
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  • Show only active Alarm?

    Is there a way to create a summary definition or saved query to show only the active alarms? I want to have a report that is generated each morning when the building operator comes in for work.   Thanks,   ...
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  • to retrieve backup data

    dear sir/madam, i just replace backup battery for metasys NCM350, when i on the system it seem that the NC cant communicate with DDC. So, what should i do to solve this problem? anyone please help me..
    created by zazrie
  • ask for GGT

    hi everyone,        i've worked in a JCI ABCS for 3 years,earnestly request someone could send me a GGT,my email is 601932868@qq.com, thanks!        &...
    created by 蓉城小哥
  • I have an NAE 35 ver cannot upload to SCT.

    I have an NAE 35 ver cannot upload to SCT. Gives an error on a graphics file (902). Tried to delete graphic it then errors on the next graphic(902) anyone know how to resolve this issue without deleting all...
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  • The update is cancelled since all communication failed. - tried Host Name (NAE00108D04B558) but received this error: No such host is known.  (Is the Host Name spelled correctly?)"

    The update is cancelled since all communication failed. - tried Host Name (NAE00108D04B558) but received this error: No such host is known.  (Is the Host Name spelled correctly?)" Is it possible to downgrade fro...
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  • Anyone with experience with Efficium "ECM Draft Regulator"

    Just wondering if anyone in our community has implemented this relativly new technology. Vendor is claiming fuel savings of 5 - 15% Ref: www.efficiumllc.com    
    created by rschmidt
  • I am having problems accessing our (Zoetis) CER account in Panoptix

    For over a week now I have not been able to access our account. When I sign-in using my credentials, the Panoptix page opens but I get an error message in the Dashboard area in the center of the screen saying "We're ...
    created by rschmidt

    Dear Friends,   I have read several replies regarding the NAE offline and how to get the controller back online.   1. Which fire wall that could be creating the offline condition? Is this located in the NA...
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