• HVAC Training and Resource Recommendations

    Good day,   I'm a Mechanical Engineer and working as a Junior HVAC Design Engineer in Engineering Consultant here in Saudi Arabia,sad to say that my senior as of now didn't help me instead he is pushing me back....
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  • A new place for Industry Insights

    If you've been following What's Possible for while, you've probably noticed the changes over the last few weeks. We've streamlined the appearance and organization of the blog and moved our non-blog content to a new ho...
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  • Introduce Yourself

    Introduce yourself to the community by telling everyone a little about yourself in this discussion thread. Please say hello, tell us a little bit about what you're currently working on right now and don't forget to in...
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  • How about DM

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    Is DM (Direct Message) between users in the works?
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  • Members Online

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    This is originally from Abe Monreal.   The option to see what other members are also logged into the community to connect.
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  • Community Guidelines

    Welcome to Johnson Control’s Connected Community! We look forward to you joining the conversation and sharing your ideas, experiences and feedback. To help ensure that the community remains informative and engag...
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  • Facing problem with EDE JLR installation in M3i 7.1.1

    Dear All, Please help me out regarding EDE Licensing , the problem is when i am upgrading my past site's workstaion from M3i 5.4 & EDE 1.0 to M3i 7.1.1 & EDE 2.0/3.0, when I license M3 workstaion its working ...
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  • Document of Air Pressure Gage G-201-8004

    Hi,   One of my customer will buy G-201-8004 which is an air pressure gage in pneumatic control systems. But JCI China says it is no longer made and recommends me to buy another product model is G-2010-5. I hav...
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  • Connected Community Missions & Badges

    A description of all of the current missions that can earn points and badges for you. Try one, such as introducing yourself, to begin earning points.   Badges listed as manual will be awarded on a monthly basis....
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  • Has your business publicly declared an energy savings goal?

    Register or login to vote in our poll. To learn more about how energy goal-setting increases your chances for success, click here, or to share your company's goals with others in the Panoptix connected community,...
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  • Forum Spotlight: Building Efficiency Panel

    I’m excited to kick off a new series in Connect. Collaborate. Share. called Forum Spotlight. In each post, I'll highlight a different forum in the Connected Community and share more about what it is, how you can...
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  • How to downgrade NAE5510-2 software from 6.1 to 5.2 ?

    I have to replace a couple of NAEs 5510-1. I bought a few 5510-2 for replacement and these came with software version 6.1. My ADX version, as well as all my other NAES and all their archive databases are version 5.2. ...
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  • NIE Upgrade Question

    Dear Sir/Madam, When you upgrade you existing PMI 12:04 system to be mirrored to the MSEA 5.02, what shall be mirrored?  Just user-view?  We have not graphics on this system.   Thank you, Lisa
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  • NAE Patch web site

    Hi   I can download patches of NAE from http://pub.controls.johnsoncontrols.com/ several years ago. But from about two years ago that site was down. Could anybody please tell me where to find these patches now?...
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  • Question of the Week

    This week our content of the week is a question from Brian. He’s working on a DX9100 and is looking for some examples of a good economizer control parameter: Working on a DX9100.  I'm looking for some exa...
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  • NAE Archive.

    Hello,   I have an NAE 3.1 version. I want to take backup from NAE but i have a latest SCT 6.0 Version software. Is it possible to take archive from upgrade version of SCT. If it's not then what will be the solu...
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  • PMI Metasys 12.04 & NIE Upgrade

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question concerning points that are not in user-view on the existing PMI Metasys.  These point are located and visible via Model file and HVACpro etc.  There are so many not brought...
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  • regulations in building maintenance question

    Hi, folks,     I was wondering if this is something that you guys could give me an answer.   In Korea, there are many regulations in building maintenance that for example, an licensed electrician shou...
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  • IM Services

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    Hello,   I am not sure how much feasible it is to have an online chatting service here as part of the community. Registered members could use this as an instant messaging service to get their query resolved quic...
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  • Learning More About Energy Reduction Strategies

    Which of these energy reduction strategies would you like to learn more about?
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