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Introduce Yourself


Introduce yourself to the community by telling everyone a little about yourself in this discussion thread. Please say hello, tell us a little bit about what you're currently working on right now and don't forget to include something fun, such as a hobby, favorite vacation spot or a unique interest.


New Member? Been a member of the Building Efficiency Community for a while? We'd love to hear from everyone.


I look forward to getting to know you and learning more about everyone!  If you ever have any questions about the community or want to contact me for any reason, you can send me a message or email me at heather.ausmus@jci.com.

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    My name is John Bernd. I am a product manager for Panoptix, by Johnson Controls. My current focus in on building a developer program that will allow 3rd parties to develop application against the Panoptix platform.


    I have been at Johnson Controls for 8 years and spent the last two working on Panoptix. I am excited about the launch of Panoptix and how it will help our end customers achieve their desired outcomes around building efficiency. I am very interested and in tune with the technologies and social aspects that are affecting the industry. You can follow me on twitter @jkbernd if items such as buildingefficiency cloud saas and api interest you as well.


    Our developer program will be coming later this year and I can't wait to talk more about it. Please stay connected by following me in the community so you are the first to know when we roll out this program.

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    I'm Joe Aamidor, the product manager for Panoptix energy applications, such as the Carbon and Energy Reporter. I'm focused on making sure our applications deliver energy information to organizations that they can use to reduce their consumption and save money. My background is in carbon and energy management, both as a consultant and subject matter expert for software.


    I'm active on LinkedIn and Twitter, should you be interested in what I'm working on. I look forward to hearing from you and interacting with you on the community!!

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    I'm Kevin Potter and I'm a member of Johnson Controls Global Workplace Solutions team at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI. 15 yrs in the building ops and controls industry; Panoptix beta tester; green sports, sustainability, and energy efficiency evangelist.

    Also enjoy participating in creative solution development for above, Green Sports Alliance, and Stadium Managers Association.

    What's Possible blog contributor and social media intraprenuer.

    Look forward to engaging in conversation and collaborating with everyone!

    Please look for my content here, on LinkedIn, and Twitter Kevin Potter if these topics are of interest to you: #cloud #sustainability #greensports #social media #energy efficiency #SaaS #panoptix

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    My name is Katie Heckel and I am one of the Panoptix Live Guides. As a Live Guide, my role is to promote sustainability daily. My goal is to help facility managers run their building portfolio more efficiently by providing them with industry leading cloud based software and technical support.


    If you have a question or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to help.

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    My name is Jihad Chahine, I am the Regional Technology Sales Manager for Panoptix in the Middle East. With nearly 20 years of experience in Technology & Building Systems Integration, I have joined Johnson Controls in June 2010.


    I am excited about the opportunities Panoptix is bringing to our customers and to the community.

    My primarly role is to levrage Johnson Controls' Middle East sales organisation expertise to spread the excitement and to help our customers benefit from the power of analytics, where power is lost and misued.


    You can follow me on twitter @jlamara, or contact me on jihad.chahine@jci.com

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    My name is Marc Brandt, and I am a Product Manager for Panoptix, by Johnson Controls.  My focus for the Panoptix solution is on the Continuous Diagnostics Advisor and the Custom Analyzer. 


    I have spent the last year at Johnson Controls working on Panoptix, and am really excited to see the solution help our customers achieve their building efficiency goals.  I will be working on a lot of exciting new things with Panoptix so please stay connected by following me in the community.  I look forward to interacting with everyone on the community!

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    Hello!  My name is Wendy Randazzo, and I am a Program Manager in the Building Efficiencies division of Johnson Controls Inc. I work within the Global LOB Building Automation Systems (Metasys) on deployment. I facilitate a cross functional and multidisciplinary team of folks focused upon insuring (internal) product readiness for 'all systems' supporting the release as well as insuring (external) all collateral required to position, sell, service, and support a given release is ready at release to sales.  I look forward to exploring the possibilities and observing the power of communication and information exchange via the BE Connected Community.  These certainly are exciting times we're living in!   

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    I'm gokul working with ICF Intenational in building-related design, research, energy efficiency and climate change projects. Working in development of several energy modeling and simulation tool. Looking forward to learn from here

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am specialist with a HVACR Woholesaler of JCI Facility Explorer products. I look forward to the future here and hope that I can be positive asset.

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    Hi everyone.I'm with BE,India team for about 2 years. As a student of Reliability and 'Improvement', I view Panoptix as a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and understanding IT apps from two angles- simplification enablers and futuristic innovations. Have been working personally on GNU/Debian Linux and have learnt a lot from the open community (a newbie still).


    I look forward to be an asset and grow everyway with the team.


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    Hi, all,


    I am Wei from University of Michigan. I have been an software developer and an IT person managing/monitoring networks as well as other IT systems. I came to this site to learn about Metasys. I see overlaps between building management and management of IT systems. But I am new to what I am learning here.


    It is very nice to see a support community. I appreciate the help I have received.

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    Hello Everyone


    I am Chinna Jeyasingh, from BE_LOB Gurgaon, India. I have been associated with Johnson Controls for around 5 years now, (3 years as a contractor and now 2 years as a full time employee). My primary focus area is "System Testing" of the Metasys Tools, been part of Metasys release 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1 and few months for 6.5. My current assignment is with the new BAS product called "Building Control Manager"-BCM ( some of you may heard that as Nanosys). BCM is a BAS solution for simpler buildings and for Chinese Market for the first release.


    In my free time, i would like to read and surf.

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    Hello Heather,


    I worked for ESUSA in the 1990's until it was purchased by JCI in 1999.  I stayed on until 2006 working with Corporate Parts Distribution and the Customer Success Center in MKE.  Afterward I spent some time with the local Trane franchise in Louisville and then back to JCI most recently for a short stint in Service Sales in the Louisville Branch.


    FieldServer Technologies recruited me about two years ago for a position as Regional Sales Manager for the Central US and Canada, and I'm loving the job.  Our focus is on providing additional connectivity to equipment manufacturers and control system installers / integrators.  We do this through a combination of protocol drivers and gateways.  The JCI branches are some of my best customers, and I really enjoy meeting with them when I am in the field.  All we are doing is providing additional means for them to connect different protocols to Metasys.


    My curiosity with Panoptix is in the integration of different systems to the platform through our XML server.  We already provide connectivity to several other cloud based platforms like Cisco Energywise and other private cloud servers.  It's all through XML that ports building data through the gateway for populating cloud based servers. 

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    hello all,


    My Name is Russell Rowland. i work for M & A Supply Co. I am 26 years old and i live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am new to the community but not to EMS or HVAC. I have six years of experience starting as a Tech installing building managment systems then shortly there after moving into the sales department. I have become very interested in Energy managment and Sustainability. I have been involved in ASHRAE and the USGBC and have worked on several LEED projects. I have come to this community to expand my knowledge of FX-PC, capabilities of the FX controls line and my knowledge of the industry. i look foward to the community experience.



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    My name is Erki Rannak. I am ABCS and I run a company in Estonia. Our company building BMS / HVAC systems based on Johnson Controls.


    I have been programming JCI for 7 years starting with DX9100/DX9200. After a while moved on to Facility Explorer series PLC-s (FX05 ; FX15 ; FX16, etc.) + Metasys. For last 3 years we have been focusing on Metasys PLC-s (NCE, NIE, FEC, FAC, ADS and etc.). We are putting considerable amount of time in control system development (CCT programming).


    I look forward to find new information from this community and hope to get / provide help and useful solutions. Also, to participate in interesting discussions.

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      Welcome to the community, Erki! You may be interested in checking out and joining our Metasys forums and since you have experience with FX and if you're still working with it, you may also want to check out and see about joining our Facility Explorer forum. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions... Happy Friday!

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    My name is Paul Meyers, I work at Tower Equipment Co. Inc. in Connecticut. We are the local Johnson Distributor here in Southern Connecticut. I hope to access important information more easily by joining this group.

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    My Name is Omar Valdez. I worked for Johnson Controls for over 10 years as a Lead System Specialist. I am now working for an ABCS company and work extensively with FX explorer products and third party BACnet integrations. I love my job and the challenges that it brings.

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    Hello all - My name is Bill Beauvais, and I am currently working as a consultant providing BAS technical support to engineers, contractors and end-users. I established my company, Streamline Support Services, in 2011 after many years of experience in building automation, software development and building systems commissioning in Arizona. I enjoy the challenges of keeping up with the state-of-the-art technology that never seems to end in our industry, and I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge and capabilities to assist my clients and colleagues. Since the early 80's, I've primarily worked with Andover, Johnson Controls, Distech and KMC control systems. I appreciate how the Tridium Niagara platform provides a pseudo standard way to integrate so many different brands of controls into a common network. Lately, I have been involved with integrating many of these legacy controls into an AX Supervisor for a municipality, and helping them develop a guide spec for future BAS installations. I am looking forward to expanding and sharing my knowledge through this community. Best Regards!

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      Welcome to the community, Bill!! We're glad to have you as a member and look forward to hearing from you! 


      P.S. You're officially the first person to earn the "Nice to Meet You" badge for introducing yourself too! Something to brag about later...

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    Hello everyone - I am The Ultimate Control Freak (according to facebook).  I started 20 years ago with a JCI ABCS installing, engineering, estimating and programming control systems.  I moved from there to Andover & KMC, then 11 years with Alerton Controls.  The last two years have been working with Niagara, and now I am back with a JCI ABCS.  Life does go in circles. 

    I also create animated 3D HVAC graphics for lots of control companies around the world.

    My goal in life...

    Try to take over the world (HVAC that is).

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    My name is Bill Cox, I"ve been an HVAC service tech for many years and got into control systems about 8 yrs ago. Knowing systems has really helped with the progress I"ve been making on the programming side of things. Working with KMC and JCI /  Field and supervisory controllers mostly. So much more to learn. Enjoying the challenge.

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    Hello There,


    I'm Onur Sevinç from Turkey in Manisa. I'm new in Johnsons Control, its about 3 month maybe less. I'm EHS Spc. of Manisa plant and its very exciting to be part of big community. All these stuff new for me because my experiences comes from industrial plants construction. I know i'll learn so much more to learn in here, i'm looking forward it, see you around.


    Best Regards

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    I am Sanjay Saini working as a product owner with Panoptix product, located at India center. It's been three years with JCI and Energy domain, I work with Joe and really enjoying it.


    I believe in developing products that customer love


    I love playing football, cricket and no favorite vacation spot but anywhere :-)



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    My name is Jerry Marshall and I am the Energy Manager for Appalachian State University in North Carolina, USA.

    I have been working in Facilities Operations or Management to one degree or another (as Technician, Project Manager, Physical Plant Director, and Energy Manager) since 1989 and all of that time has been spent at increasingly larger campuses of Higher Education. I have served on campuses as small as a few hundred full-time students to where I am today with some 17,000+.

    My Energy Management Philosophy is simple, "use only what you need and only as long as you need it."


    In my private life I am a big fan of NFL football and the Carolina Panthers have been my team since their inception to the league. I am a political junkie, an avid reader, a science fiction fan, and a sometimes gamer.

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    Hi all,


    I am Richard Xu, from China. I have been a JCI's BAS / Refrigeration engineer for 7 years. The most headaches for me is we, ABCSs in China, have few technical supports and too many products (especially refrigeration products) can not be purchased in China. Bad :-(. The JCI China seems to be interested in York business and competing big BAS deals with us.


    Forget it.


    My programming began with DX9100, now familiar with FX06 / FX15 / FEC and CCT/SCT/ADS, touched PMI. It's absolutely an accident I found this community when googling JCI's product documents. I hope this help me more.