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Panoptix Custom Analyzer trending question


Panoptix provides the user with the ability to add a line chart for any of the Panoptix data points.

Is this an enterprise trending option comparable to the trend function available in Metasys?

Also is there a demo site where I can login to check out the Panoptix applications-continuous diagnostics advisor and the custom analyzer?



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    Hi Nachiket-


    Welcome to the Connected Community! Coming soon for all of the Panoptix apps, we'll have customer online demos and extensive training from our Live Guides. 

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    Hi Nachiket,


    Although the trending options in Metasys and Custom Analyzer (CA) are both strong tools, some key differences do exist:

    1. CA is an ad-hoc trending tool that allows a user to compare, analyze, and benchmark buildings or equipment performance enterprise wide.  Meaning a user can view data from multiple buildings located anywhere in the world on the same graphs, even if the building data is being provided by multiple BAS or control systems.  This allows CA the capability to trend data from various controls system providers as well.   
    2. CA allows the user to select what time format the data is displayed in.  For example if a user is analyzing the performance of a piece of equipment a building located in the US at 9 a.m. and would like to compare it to a similar piece of equipment located in a building in China, they can do so using either Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), equipment time, or the local time.   This gives the user flexible options so that they can choose what the most effective time format is in order to view their data.   
    3. CA allows a user to easily select different data time ranges that can go back years if needed.  It even lets the user create a custom time period to view data from.
    4. CA has the ability to stack 4 graphs on top of one another, lets the user zoom into specified areas on the graphs, and has the ability to bookmark, or create favorites of trended values so the user can quickly return to the graphs at a later point.  

    I hope this helps out, and thanks for the question.


    Marc Brandt