API Overview

    The Panoptix® API set is currently based on HTTPS requests and conforms to the design principles of REST; all requests are either HTTP GET or HTTP POST and return JSON responses. You can use any programming language to access the API, as long as the programming language can make HTTPS requests and parse JSON responses.


    Base URLs


    The Panoptix Platform Services endpoints have the following URL structure:




    The HOST available are:


    • Production: api.mypanoptix.johnsoncontrols.com
    • Sandbox: api.mypanoptixstaging.johnsoncontrols.com


    Example: https://api.mypanoptix.johnsoncontrols.com/V1/Configuration/Meters




    API parameters such as meterUrl, pointUrl, startDate and endDate are used to provide input values in the request URL. These parameters also specify the desired results by acting as a filter. The format used is standard query string key/value pairs.


    key = value


    The first pair is preceded by a ? and each subsequent pair is separated by an &, as shown in the following example.


    https://api.mypanoptix.johnsoncontrols.com/v1/Energy/Trends?meterUrl=adv://equip/Config/8/507/Building1 Whole Building Electric Utility Meter/&pointUrl=adv://811137E4-0AAB-4EC6-BBC6-2CB1B261CBFB/&startDate=2008-01-0100:00:00Z&endDate=2008-03-30 23:45:00Z


    Find links and method call information for the Panoptix API methods under to the left under REST API Reference or here.