How do I customize email notifications?

    You’re automatically subscribed to receive email notifications for discussions that you post or reply, but you’ll also receive email notifications of invitations to join new communities or groups, mentions of you in the community, content other members have shared with you and direct messages. You can customize the types of email notifications you receive to include more or less than what you’re already subscribed.


    To change your email preferences:

    1. Login

    2. Select the icon next to your name.

    3. Click Preferences.

    4. Select On or Off for the notifications featured.

    5. Select All Activity, Once-a-week summary, Twice-a-week summary, Everyday summary or Never to receive Community Digest summaries on followed people, places and content.

    6. Click Save


    If you select not to receive any notifications, you can always view the notifications within your Activity, Inbox and Actions located within your My Updates. If the red notification indicator alerts you to how many notifications you have to view and/or take action on in your Inbox and Actions.