How do I start a discussion?

    You can quickly start a discussion from the homepage or within the discussion section of every community.


    To start a discussion or question:

    1. Select Actions > Discussion in the place that you'd like to post the question* or Create and Discussion and enter the place that you would like to post your discussion.

    2. Type your discussion and describe it. If it’s a question, confirm that Mark this discussion as a question is selected.

    3. Categorize the discussion by tagging it.

    4. Click Post Message to submit it to the community.

    5. When you receive responses, encourage other community members by marking the correct as Correct Answer and helpful answers as Helpful Answer. You can mark up to five replies as helpful, but only one answer can be correct.


    You are automatically subscribed to receive notification emails for any discussion threads you create or reply.


    It may also be helpful to review or search recent discussions to see if one similar to yours has already been posted.



    * Revised 6/5/14 for the 2014 upgrade and effective on 6/6/14.