I posted a question, what are helpful and correct answers?

When a community member replies to your question, you have the option to mark their answer as correct or helpful. Taking the time to do this will help encourage other community members to participate in the community and if you posted a question, it will help other members who have the same question find the best answers.


To mark an answer as correct or helpful:

1. Login and go to the discussion thread. If you received a notification email, you can also click in the email to go to that thread. You’ll also be able to find the thread by selecting Communications.

2. In the thread, find the reply that helped you.

3. Select Correct Answer or Helpful Answer. Only one reply can be selected as correct, but multiple replies can be identified as helpful.


If you mark a reply as correct, it will display below your original post. All replies selected to be helpful will appear as links below the original post.