What are status updates?

    Status updates let other people in the community know what’s going on right now with a brief statement. Updates provide a great way to communicate when you’re using a quick, specific message. Post new updates as frequently as you want to keep everyone in the know.


    To post a status update:

    1. Select Activity or Create and Status Updates.

    2. Enter your status update in the field that states “What’s going on?” on the Activity page or in the popup.

    3. Select Post.


    In your update, you can use plain text, include link or add a picture. You can even mention people to make sure your status show up in the right people’s Communication area or content or place to send others directly to it in the community.


    To insert an image in your update:

    1. Select Start the upload image icon.

    2. Browse to select the image you want to insert.

    3. Select Post to include it in your update.


    To include insert a link,

    1. Type or paste the entire link in your status update, including “http://”

    2. Select Post.


    To mention other people or content in the community:

    1. Select the @ button in location that you’d like to include the mention within your status update.

    2. Enter the name of the person, place or content and then select the correct item from the search dialog. To narrow matches, use an underscore as a space.

    3. Finish entering your status update and select Post.


    To make tagging easier, change your user preferences to enable on-the-fly tagging. Click the icon next to your name in the upper right corner, select preferences and turn on Quick Tagging Mode. Lastly, click Save.