How do I @mention people, places and content?

Alert people, places and groups that you’re talking about them by using an @mention.


When you create or comment on content in your community, you have the ability to mention a person, place, document or other piece of content. This is a way to give a shout out to someone or something to catch their attention. It also notifies any person mentioned after the @ that you were talking about him or her. When someone is @mentioned in a piece of content, a status update or discussion, a notification of the activity appears in their Communications stream. If you mention a group, members of that group will see the @mention in Activity.


The @mention also doubles as a link in content or in status updates. You can add links to documents or groups by typing some of the words in the title after typing @.


To mention people, places and things:

1. Type the @ symbol, or click the @ icon if it is available.

2. Review the search dialog that opens and locate the correct name or title. To narrow matches, use an underscore as a space.

3. Select the correct match from the list and add the link to your content.