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Today, technology and infrastructure exist within building management systems to allow companies to take the idea of sustainability and put it into action. With the tools available, it’s possible to start increasing building efficiency and take a huge step in corporate responsibility efforts.



Facility managers have an opportunity to reinvent the way people think about buildings, using technology to understand and analyze the data gathered when monitoring patterns of use. This elevated understanding of the way systems interact can significantly reduce the amount of energy consumption that goes into managing and maintaining today’s buildings.



One example of a tool available to assist with energy efficiency initiatives is the Metasys® building management system, which is a combination of software and hardware that manages a building from both sustainability and energy efficiency standpoints. Pairing existing energy efficiency systems with the best technology is an important step to maximize building operations and manage your carbon footprint and energy usage — enterprisewide — in real time, making you more efficient, more sustainable and profitable.



Another solution to help solve energy challenges is Johnson Controls’ Sustainability Manager software, which is partnered with the Microsoft SQL Server platform to gather data and verify which buildings and systems are running most efficiently. With this information, building managers can: compare data, benchmark, baseline and say, “If I make this piece of equipment run more efficiently, I’ll get the biggest bang for the buck.”


Although combining existing software with robust technology seems like a simple step, it’s one that many people leave out.


When you pair your proprietary software with the available analytical technologies in the market, it allows your company to:


  • Focus on what it’s good at
  • Task IT departments and technology to handle back-end logistics
  • Operate as a smart building


In our case, we have a history of managing buildings, while Microsoft® is known for pushing the envelope in technologies. Together, we provide services and software technology to help companies save tremendous amounts of energy.


Remember that keeping an eye on the future is important, and technology can help lead the way. As cloud solutions become more prevalent, your company will be able to:


  • Utilize cloud applications to reduce costs
  • Maintain scalability, which becomes more important as your company grows
  • Drive energy utilization and help reduce carbon footprints
  • Be secure and protect data on behalf of your customers


Invest in technology now. You don’t want to be left without an umbrella when the cloud rolls in.

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