Recently, I took part in a webinar that focused on how technology is changing the landscape of the real estate management industry.


The webinar, titled “Cloud Computing: Here to Stay or Just Another Fad?”, offered a good blend of ideas from a variety of companies involved in technologies for buildings. Brent Barbara from M5Networks, Rob Kearsley from MRI Networks, Karen Blake of Steiner + Associates and I discussed a few possibilities for innovative new products and service offerings that cloud computing has the potential to bring to the world of building efficiency.


Topics included:

  • VoIP Phone Systems providing greater mobility, real-time analytics of service levels and the ability to unify multiple locations using the cloud.
  • How software solutions for property management are changing many aspects of real estate management, including financial planning and lease management.
  • How cloud computing might deliver real-time, aggregated building data to users, which helps them make more informed decisions about their energy consumption.


It was interesting to hear how a few distinctively different organizations shared a similar viewpoints on the possibilities cloud computing can bring to the real estate and building management systems world. Each presenter stressed that the cloud is delivering greater flexibility; lower upfront, upgrade and maintenance costs; and the ability to provide actionable, valuable data when users need it.


Check out the full webinar to learn more!