There’s a lot of buzz these days about cloud computing security, and rightly so. Leveraging cloud computing opportunities has clear benefits for IT management and business ROI, but security and data protection have been the number one reason companies have been slower to adopt a presence in the cloud. Ultimately, for those companies considering a shift to the cloud, it’s about trust and control.

At Johnson Controls the Panoptix solution program leaders have recognized that security controls are paramount to gaining the trust of the customer when it comes to protection of their data assets.  Data privacy is about human rights, and we at Johnson Controls make it our business to assure the appropriate level of security controls are in place for our customers. From the get-go, security has been evaluated and implemented at all stages of the Panoptix solution development.

As a member of the Panoptix solution IT Operations team, I am responsible for assessing the information security risk elements of our product and assisting our customers at all stages – from initial installation through sustained support. Frankly, when assessing the security controls surrounding our customer data, it’s my job to be paranoid!  The old security axiom to “trust but verify” applies here.  This isn’t only a responsibility as an information security professional, but it’s an expectation of Johnson Controls; our credo is that we are committed to conducting business with integrity. In the context of our Panoptix offering, we do so by understanding that data privacy is indeed about the human right to be protected.    

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