At the core of the Panoptix™ building efficiency solution is Panoptix Live Guide™ support. But this isn’t your grandfather’s customer support model. Gone is the old-model, reactive approach, and in is Panoptix Live Guide support!

Panoptix Live Guide support is delivered by Johnson Controls experts whose sole purpose is to ensure customers are getting real economic value from their investment — and that they know it.

What is Live Guide support?

The Live Guide support team is comprised of experts in the Panoptix suite of applications tasked with helping customers get the full value of their investment. Live Guide experts will work with customers to define success criteria, help them configure and use the Panoptix suite of applications, provide training and technical support, and continue working with the customer periodically through regular success checkpoints.


Live Guide experts are involved in the full customer lifecycle starting post-contract, continuing through their subscription period. They complement the existing account and service teams with their unique focus on Panoptix applications.

Investing in software does not itself guarantee success. The crucial factor is how to use the tools to drive economic value. Therefore, we have completely redefined the role of support and focused Live Guide support on making sure our customers achieve their definition of success by getting the most out of their investment.

Live Guide support goes hand in hand with the Panoptix Connected Community — another resource to help our customer achieve more. If you haven’t joined the Connected Community, I would encourage you to do so.

I would like to hear from you! Does your company have a customer success team similar to our Live Guide support? If so, what responsibilities do they have? What were the driving factors that brought the group into being?