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We are excited to announce a new innovation in building efficiency and perhaps the most significant change in our industry since the move from pneumatic to digital controls. This change is about moving to the cloud and easily extracting actionable insight from the “big data” across your building portfolio.

Today we are unveiling our new Panoptix® offering, a combination of software and services that easily and cost-effectively helps customers see more so they can do more to achieve optimized building performance and energy efficiency. We have leveraged powerful new technology and the proven expertise of Johnson Controls so customers can achieve not only better building outcomes but also better business outcomes.

We start with a cloud-hosted open platform that makes it easy to collect and manage data from disparate building systems, including our own Metasys® system and virtually any other building automation system, along with other sources; for example, meter and weather data. We apply our “magic” to convert that data into a normalized, common language. We then turn the data into insight through a suite of cloud-hosted applications.

Our App Marketplace include Panoptix Continuous Diagnostics Advisor, Panoptix Carbon and Energy Reporter, Panoptix Energy Performance Monitor and Panoptix Custom Analyzer. We will continue to expand the portfolio with both Johnson Controls and partner-developed applications. A software developer’s kit will be available in 2012 so that others can create applications on the Panoptix platform.

Today we also are introducing The New Definition of Customer Support — Johnson Controls experts specifically focused on helping the user achieve the maximum benefit from the Panoptix applications. And we are creating a Panoptix Connected Community, where like-minded people can share ideas, discuss trends and best practices, and gain access to subject matter experts. Think of it as the complement to social networking, but in this Community, it is all about achieving more in your professional life.

Innovation is baked into every aspect of the Panoptix solution, even in the way users access it. Delivered via a software as a service (SaaS) subscription, Panoptix enables customers to purchase the select applications most critical for their business and eliminate the initial upfront capital expenses associated with traditional software purchases. Additionally, the applications are available on demand via your computer, smart phone or tablet, making sophisticated, smart building efficiency as accessible to single building owners as it is to managers of global property portfolios.

The Panoptix solution brings all the pieces together — open platform, cloud-hosted applications, Connected Community, Live Guide support and finally, the portfolio of Johnson Controls building and energy services to help implement the changes and energy savings improvements identified by the Panoptix apps: a one-stop shop.

Our goal is to make it easier to achieve operationally and energy efficient buildings, and with Panoptix, it has never been easier — easy to purchase, easy to access, easy to action and improve, and easy to track and measure. It truly is the beginning of a new era in building efficiency.

As part of the Panoptix™ building efficiency solution, we are excited to announce the new Panoptix Connected Community. This post will outline the Community and highlight the benefits of joining, but first we need you to JOIN NOW!

Join the Connected Community

We developed the online Connected Community based on the concept of connecting like-minded people who have a passion for sustainability and building efficiency technologies.

The Community provides a platform where people can express their opinions, share ideas, start discussions and connect directly with Johnson Controls experts to ask questions. This is a collaborative, completely open Community environment — you don’t have to be a Panoptix™ user to be part of the discussion. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Help build the Community

The great thing about the Panoptix Connected Community is that we are building it WITH YOU. Your engagement and involvement will help shape content topics, video content and the overall success of its members. We will build this together, every step of the way, which is great because we aren’t building a Community for members, we are building a Community with our members.

What can you do in the Connected Community?

  • Start a discussion
  • Participate in polls
  • Rate content, such as articles, videos and more
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Get the latest building efficiency news
  • Help us help you


Another great thing about the Connected Community is its social nature. Not only can you stay connected to your peers within the building efficiency community via forums, the Connected Community also includes the ability for you to easily share items externally via Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter®.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on over to the Community, start a discussion and invite your friends. Don’t miss the chance to make your voice heard via our first Community poll question: Which of the Panoptix™ solution applications are you most interested in?

I went for a bike ride the other day for the first time in months and quickly realized that my bike and I were both out of shape. As I rode, I wondered how much the lack of maintenance was costing me in terms of riding efficiency. Was I exerting more energy to go the same distance compared with an optimally maintained bike? How much more energy? I had no idea.

So it goes with buildings systems. Do you know how efficient your building is or the efficiency gain your building systems could achieve with a small amount of maintenance?

Data is key

Lately, we have been reading a host of articles on the importance of “big data” and the analytics being used on that data to support smarter building technology. These analytics are used for a wide array of purposes, from dashboards to understanding utility usage patterns. 

The various purposes for building-level analytics are ushering in new ideas about how to lower operating costs. However, bringing big data down to a building systems or equipment level is emerging as the next step forward in knowing how to run facilities in the most efficient manner.

How will equipment data be used in the future?

  • Understand how efficiently mechanical and electrical equipment is running
  • Track how efficiently the building systems are operating, in real time
  • Minimize energy consumption and labor costs using data-driven maintenance techniques


We are approaching this next step forward in the evolution of smart buildings and soon will see technology-enabled service offerings that will augment the preventive and reactive maintenance techniques of the past. These offerings will allow us to use a combination of technology, big data collection and new analytical capability to help facility professionals understand the efficiency losses in operating systems and the efficiency gains from performing maintenance or repairs in a real-time fashion. 

Would being able to see the efficiency of your building systems in real time allow you to make better decisions around your maintenance and repair practices? In the future, it will. Soon putting data to work will be “just like riding a bike.”

At the core of the Panoptix™ building efficiency solution is Panoptix Live Guide™ support. But this isn’t your grandfather’s customer support model. Gone is the old-model, reactive approach, and in is Panoptix Live Guide support!

Panoptix Live Guide support is delivered by Johnson Controls experts whose sole purpose is to ensure customers are getting real economic value from their investment — and that they know it.

What is Live Guide support?

The Live Guide support team is comprised of experts in the Panoptix suite of applications tasked with helping customers get the full value of their investment. Live Guide experts will work with customers to define success criteria, help them configure and use the Panoptix suite of applications, provide training and technical support, and continue working with the customer periodically through regular success checkpoints.


Live Guide experts are involved in the full customer lifecycle starting post-contract, continuing through their subscription period. They complement the existing account and service teams with their unique focus on Panoptix applications.

Investing in software does not itself guarantee success. The crucial factor is how to use the tools to drive economic value. Therefore, we have completely redefined the role of support and focused Live Guide support on making sure our customers achieve their definition of success by getting the most out of their investment.

Live Guide support goes hand in hand with the Panoptix Connected Community — another resource to help our customer achieve more. If you haven’t joined the Connected Community, I would encourage you to do so.

I would like to hear from you! Does your company have a customer success team similar to our Live Guide support? If so, what responsibilities do they have? What were the driving factors that brought the group into being?

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